Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Rain Storms

We have had significant rain storms roll through the DFW area this Spring. We had so much heavy rain in a small time period that it caused some local flooding. Here is a pic from a retaining wall that failed due to heavy rain. When the wall failed it caused flooding to occur in a local commercial building.

Insulation Vacuum

After a recent ice storm pipes burst in many homes in McKinney, TX. Whenever pipes burst in a ceiling you have drywall and insulation that need to be tended too as well. After drywall is safely removed, if blown-in insulation is present we can use an insulation vacuum. This makes the process much safer for the technician. It also helps ensure all wet insulation is being removed from hidden cracks in the ceiling.  

Storms and Damage

Storms can cause so much damage to your home or business. Hail storms are unfortunately common in our area. Big balls of hail can not only be loud and scary, but cause holes in your roof or your windows. Always take shelter if a storm of this nature is in your area. In the unfortunate event your home or business suffers from a storm of like this, call SERVPRO of McKinney. We will be ready to help with the cleanup and water damage that may have occurred from the storm.

Severe Thunderstorms

While mild thunderstorms are enjoyable to listen to and watch from inside, some severe thunderstorms in spring time can be very intense. In our area we have seen flash flooding, tornadoes and large hail. If your home or business experiences water damage from weather related events give SERVPRO of McKinney a call and we would be happy to assist you.

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey caused so much devastation in its path. SERVPRO franchises were dispatched throughout the United States and all worked together to provide restoration services to the many residences and businesses. It was amazing to see everyone coming together to help their neighbors in need.

Hurricane Harvey Damage

Hurricane Harvey caused so much damage to so many homes and the belongings inside the homes. Once the hurricane water touched porous materials inside of the homes they had to be disposed of.