Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold From Roof Damage

If mold is suspected or found, call the professionals at SERVPRO to assist with the remediation. SERVPRO professionals are trained and have the proper equipment to safely remediate your mold situation. This particular situation occurred after from a roof leak and several hard rain storms. Once SERVPRO arrived on site, an inspection and mold damage assessment was performed.

Ice Maker Leak

This growth was found behind an ice maker after it had stopped working. The homeowner was unsure of how long it had been leaking but called us as soon as it was discovered. We properly removed the growth and dried out all that was wet from the water damage.

Mold Containment & Air Filtration

Using proper containment is very important to prevent the spread of mold. Having the right air filtration is very important as well. Powerful air scrubbers prevent the spreading of spores while remediation is in process.

Small Growth in Powder Bath

A small area of growth was found by a homeowner in a cabinet in a powder bath. Proper protocols were used to remove it. If you suspect growth at your residence or business, call SERVPRO.

Safety is Our Top Priority

At SERVPRO of McKinney we always make safety a top priority for our customers and employees! In this photo our Crew Chief is wearing his Personal Protective Equipment to ensure a safe remediation. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

This is one of our crew chiefs putting on his personal protective equipment prior to a cleaning service in McKinney, Texas. At SERVPRO of McKinney safety is a top priority for our employees and customers.