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Our first box of books that have been donated to Roy & Helen Hall Memorial Public Library.

"Donate A Book" Reading Program

Donate a book! Our new Book Reading program 2019.

We are glad to introduce our new program "Donate a Book". SERVPRO of McKinney will sponsor this new reading program designed to promote, encourage, and support reading in our community. For the first time, we have donated some books to Roy & Helen Hall Memorial Public Library. 

If you have books you would like to donate, please drop them at 310 Industrial Blvd Suite 102 McKinney, TX 75069. 

A stack of recently donated boxes that will be recycled and redonated.

"Giving Back Boxes" Recycling Program

We are excited to announce our new Green Community Program "Giving Back Boxes". Recycling is for us, one of the best ways to have a positive impact on the world in which we live. We are committed to our environment and look for a sustainability solution and this program will allow you to get, from our offices, free empty cardboard boxes for moving, packing or any need you have. Recycle today for a better tomorrow!

We LOVE our First Responders

We love our City of McKinney, Texas First Responders! We enjoy nothing more than popping by and surprising them with lunch and goodies and visiting with them. We truly hope they know how much their service every day means to us. They protect our City of McKinney so wonderfully.

Green Team!

If your McKinney, TX commercial property experiences a water loss of any kind, call us locally at 469-714-4955. You will quickly see green pull up as far as the eye can see. SERVPRO of McKinney has a team ready 24/7 to respond to your local call quickly. 

Commercial Flooding

Should your commercial property experience flooding, don't hesitate to call SERVPRO of McKinney. We are available to help you 24/7. We have the staff, tools and resources to offer help quickly. Our priority is to get you back up and running to full capacity as quick as possible.

Personal Protective Equipment

At SERVPRO of McKinney it is always safety first for our employees. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be worn by our crews for various reasons.  OSHA online  states personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as "PPE", is equipment worn to minimize exposure to serious workplace injuries and illnesses. These injuries and illnesses may result from contact with chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other workplace hazards. Personal protective equipment may include items such as gloves, safety glasses and shoes, earplugs or muffs, hard hats, respirators, or coveralls, vests and full body suits.

Pack Out Storage

SERVPRO of McKinney can do your pack out and storage after a fire or water loss while work is being completed at your home or office. Our team takes great care in your items. We use a content tracking system that allows us to document the condition of items at the time of pack out and seamlessly link everything to the same file. We use QR codes so it makes the process of locating your items very easy if need be.

McKinney Chamber of Commerce

We are proud members of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce. They are an advocate for our business in our local community. Through the weekly networking events they offer and the constant support from their ambassador team they have given us it has helped our business grow. We love our partnership with the McKinney Chamber of Commerce.

Commercial Water Loss

When a water loss happens in your business, SERVPRO of McKinney is committed to getting you back up and running as quickly as possible. This local restaurant only had to cancel reservations for one night due to this water loss. We made a plan and worked with them to remove our equipment during the evening so they could serve the guests and returned after hours so the equipment could run all night.

Community Festival

We love the City of McKinney and love any opportunity to be out in the community. We had the privilege to host a costume contest at a fall festival. We saw so many amazing costumes on children and adults. We were also able to meet so many amazing residents and business owners.

Smoke Damage Clean Up

SERVPRO of McKinney follows a specific process to remove all smoke and soot damage from your home and contents.  These are some of the specific chemicals that we use, plus dry cleaning sponges and wipes, to remove all evidence of smoke and soot damage.  

Locally Owned and Operated

SERVPRO of McKinney is locally owned and operated. We love the city of McKinney just as much as the residents and business owners do. We truly enjoy being able to serve and help the people in our community during stressful times such a fire or water loss. We thoroughly enjoy participating in community events and giving back!

Rain Storms

We have had significant rain storms roll through the DFW area this Spring. We had so much heavy rain in a small time period that it caused some local flooding. Here is a pic from a retaining wall that failed due to heavy rain. When the wall failed it caused flooding to occur in a local commercial building.

Insulation Vacuum

After a recent ice storm pipes burst in many homes in McKinney, TX. Whenever pipes burst in a ceiling you have drywall and insulation that need to be tended too as well. After drywall is safely removed, if blown-in insulation is present we can use an insulation vacuum. This makes the process much safer for the technician. It also helps ensure all wet insulation is being removed from hidden cracks in the ceiling.  


The team at SERVPRO of McKinney is seen here getting ready in their personal protective equipment to walk into a biohazard cleanup job. The protection of our employees is of upmost importance!

Mold From Roof Damage

If mold is suspected or found, call the professionals at SERVPRO to assist with the remediation. SERVPRO professionals are trained and have the proper equipment to safely remediate your mold situation. This particular situation occurred after from a roof leak and several hard rain storms. Once SERVPRO arrived on site, an inspection and mold damage assessment was performed.

Contents Storage

SERVPRO of McKinney professionals have the tools and equipment to clean your contents belongings after a fire. We also have the storage space to hold your belongings until you can get back into your home. We clearly label and color code tags to ensure your items will stay together. Our office is conveniently located in McKinney if you need to stop by for any reason to see your contents. 

SERVPRO of McKinney is here for you!

SERVPRO of McKinney is right here local in the same community as you. We are ready 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help with your commercial or residential water or fire loss. Here is Keili attending a local business event to teach our community on what we do and how we can help them.

Storms and Damage

Storms can cause so much damage to your home or business. Hail storms are unfortunately common in our area. Big balls of hail can not only be loud and scary, but cause holes in your roof or your windows. Always take shelter if a storm of this nature is in your area. In the unfortunate event your home or business suffers from a storm of like this, call SERVPRO of McKinney. We will be ready to help with the cleanup and water damage that may have occurred from the storm.

Ice Maker Leak

This growth was found behind an ice maker after it had stopped working. The homeowner was unsure of how long it had been leaking but called us as soon as it was discovered. We properly removed the growth and dried out all that was wet from the water damage.

Severe Thunderstorms

While mild thunderstorms are enjoyable to listen to and watch from inside, some severe thunderstorms in spring time can be very intense. In our area we have seen flash flooding, tornadoes and large hail. If your home or business experiences water damage from weather related events give SERVPRO of McKinney a call and we would be happy to assist you.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

SERVPRO of McKinney does commercial carpet cleaning as well as residential. Our crew recently did some carpet cleaning for a local McKinney, TX hotel in some high traffic areas they have.

Water Damage & Flood Restoration

When water takes over your property you can trust SERVPRO of McKinney to dry your home or facility as if the flood never even happened. Our team of certified professionals have learned skills which allow us to deliver industry leading services throughout our local community. Next time you or a friend need assistance with water damage give us a call and let us help you restore your structure back to preloss conditions.

Mold Containment & Air Filtration

Using proper containment is very important to prevent the spread of mold. Having the right air filtration is very important as well. Powerful air scrubbers prevent the spreading of spores while remediation is in process.

Commercial Water Loss McKinney, TX

SERVPRO of McKinney recently took care of a local business after they experienced a water loss. They were please with how quickly we were able to respond and get them dry and back to normal business.

Small Growth in Powder Bath

A small area of growth was found by a homeowner in a cabinet in a powder bath. Proper protocols were used to remove it. If you suspect growth at your residence or business, call SERVPRO.

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey caused so much devastation in its path. SERVPRO franchises were dispatched throughout the United States and all worked together to provide restoration services to the many residences and businesses. It was amazing to see everyone coming together to help their neighbors in need.

Ozone Chamber

At SERVPRO of McKinney we have a chamber with an ozone generator inside to oxidize organic odors such as smoke, pet odors, mildew, organic pollutants, and more without chemicals. Ozone can be especially helpful in fire damage restoration.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

After you have experienced a water loss in your home the professionals at SERVPRO of McKinney can lay new pad and relay your carpet. We can then clean your carpets with our state of the art equipment returning them to a like new state.

Growth Found During Repair

A local business in McKinney discovered a small water leak and growth had occurred after some new plumbing and fixtures were installed at their building. The crew at SERPVRO of McKinney got it properly cleaned up and fully dry.

Smoke and Soot Damage

This is smoke and soot damage on living room walls after a kitchen fire occurred in this McKinney, TX home. SERVPRO has the training and tools to completely clean soot from walls and ceiling.

Safety is Our Top Priority

At SERVPRO of McKinney we always make safety a top priority for our customers and employees! In this photo our Crew Chief is wearing his Personal Protective Equipment to ensure a safe remediation. 

Hurricane Harvey Damage

Hurricane Harvey caused so much damage to so many homes and the belongings inside the homes. Once the hurricane water touched porous materials inside of the homes they had to be disposed of.  


This is one of our crew chiefs at SERVPRO of McKinney getting daily readings on a dehumidifier. After equipment is placed we will return once every 24 hours to monitor the drying process. We will check all affected materials and our equipment to make sure the structure is properly drying.

Kitchen Fire in McKinney, TX

This was a kitchen fire in McKinney, TX. The fire originated from the stove and spread rapidly catching the cabinets and counter on fire as well. There was significant smoke and soot damage. SERVPRO of McKinney specializes in Fire & Water Cleanup & Restoration. When a fire occurs many times water is used to put the fire out. In this case you will have fire and water damage. After the fire is put out our team of professionals cleans the damage as if it never even happened.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

This is one of our crew chiefs putting on his personal protective equipment prior to a cleaning service in McKinney, Texas. At SERVPRO of McKinney safety is a top priority for our employees and customers.


Our green Promaster is always loaded and ready to help our customers. You can be certain when you see it arrive with the crew of SERVPRO of McKinney at your residence or business that you will be taken care of.

CE Classes

We love hosting CE classes at SERVPRO of McKinney! Educating local agents about the services SERVPRO offers is fun for us. We will always provide yummy food and a good time is guaranteed!

Drying Equipment

We have a variety of fans and dehumidifiers at SERVPRO of McKinney ready to help on any water loss. Our crew is properly trained on this equipment and how to effectively dry your residence or business as quickly as possible.


If you need to drop by SERVPRO of McKinney for any reason, we are conveniently located in McKinney for you. Whether its a form to be signed, a payment to be made or if you want to check on your belongings being stored, feel free to stop by.